A Future of Learning

and Advancement.

Catoctin Education is focused on changing how we think about education, and providing children and adults with better ways to learn, and a futurist curriculum.
It's time our education flowed from a vision of the future, and reflected the values of our society.

Third Wave Education Solutions
That Integrate Curricula With Our Modern Society

Our current public school system was designed around the US factory. It was built to produce a workforce for an economy that no longer exists today.

At Catoctin Education, we believe that to be truly successful in education, we have to stop teaching obsolete knowledge, and stop using a system that does not reflect our society or our modern values.

Our purpose, is to create education systems that spring from a vision of the future, and reflect our Third Wave way of life.

Learning Programs For Children and Young Adults

One of the fundamental failings of early childhood and young adult learning is that it is confined to classrooms and standardization. Young people today go through a school system modeled on the assembly-line in a factory. If we want to produce future generations that think creatively as well as logically, collaborate, and explore, our learning programs must be designed to meet those results. Click to learn more.

Courses and Specialized Schools for Professional Learning

Professional learning has evolved over the last several years. With less time, and more desire for specialized knowledge, advanced secondary education students and professionals are turning away from traditional college, MBAs and other advanced degrees, and focusing on the knowledge and skills they want to learn. Catoctin Education blends online, classroom, and real-word experiences, as well as project-based learning, with a futurist curriculum. Click to learn more.

Virtual Reality Learning and Training Programs

Virtual reality learning and training offers a unique way for people of all ages to learn from interactive experiences that are greatly superior to other forms of learning. Our belief is that people learn by doing and from their experiences. Virtual reality allows us to provide more interactive and engaging lessons that merely watching a video, or reading about a particular scenario. Click to learn more.

Who we are

We are a team of professionals dedicated to delivering new and different curriculum for learners, and highlighting new learning tools, as well as new technologies. Our experience includes K-12 education, higher education, technology, and media.

What we do

We provide Third Wave education systems, programs, and courses for children and adults that are designed for our technological society. In some cases, this means helping a third-party school or organization build a successful program. Catoctin Education also has its own programs. And we are working to deliver educational opportunities in the US and other countries.

Catoctin College - Schools of Professional Learning - Third Wave Education

“I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”


Third Wave Education

When we talk about "Third Wave Education," what do we mean?

Third Wave refers to the technological age of society we now live in. It was preceded by the industrial age (Second Wave), and the agrarian age (First Wave). Each wave is driven by changes in technology, and brings with them dramatic changes to society.

Our current education system was designed to serve an industrial-age society. This is why we created Catoctin Education: To offer Third Wave education systems, programs, and curriculum. Click to learn more about Third Wave education.

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